Ceri Hand Gallery Summer Fete

Ceri Hand Gallery Summer Fete

I’ll be performing at the Ceri Hand Gallery Summer Fete tomorrow:

Saturday 17 August
12 – 6pm

Ceri Hand Gallery are delighted to announce the launch of their inaugural annual Summer Fete at the gallery, featuring a spectacular table top sale with original art works for under £250, by over 50 artists.

New sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs, textiles, ceramics and artists books will adorn table-tops and walls of the gallery, including new works by artists including:

AGGTELEK, Henny Acloque, Sam Ayres, Sarah Bowker-Jones, Jonny Briggs, Mel Brimfield, Edwin Burdis and Heather Phillipson, Agnes Calf, Nina Coulson, Calum Crawford, Fiona Chambers, Adrian Dannatt, Anita Delaney, Dominic from Luton, Samantha Donnelly, Alex Farrar, Grant Foster, Robert Foster, Paddy Gould, Susie Green, Julia Hayes, Catherine Herbert, Matthew Houlding, Kevin Hunt, Helena Hunter, Amy Jones, Jasmine Johnson & Alice May Williams with Rachel Pimm, Doug Jones, Sophie Jung, Sam Keogh, Jonathan Kelham, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Hannah Knox, Rebecca Lennon, Jen Liu, Gemma Marmalade, Dominic Mason, James McLardy, Eleanor Moreton, Liz Murphey, Nathaniel Pitt, Juneau Projects, D J Roberts, Assunta Ruocco, John Walter, Cecilia Wee, Welch/Whitaker, Bedwyr Williams. A special gallery stall will be run by ESP (Extra Special People), Eastside Projects and Grand Union (Birmingham).

Artist’s performances will run throughout the day, fromFish Wives – a street fight with real fish and live opera soundtrack (Gemma Marmalade) to a Tombola with melting Iceland prizes (Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau). Sam Keogh will perform Taken from/Put in Oscar’s Bin, Ned James and Nathaniel Pitt will set up a production line with his family, creating anarchy badges for 6 hours straight, before they can go on holiday and Robert Foster will be the artist in stocks for the day. Artists games will include ‘Guess the weight of the cake’ by Dominic from Luton, who has created a cake in the likeness of gallery owner Ceri Hand; Tarot readings will be provided by John Walter; a ‘Curatorial agony aunt service’, and a ‘CV filler’ Tombola will be provided by ESP and Grand Union and robot races will be run by Juneau Projects. Join in the Lazy Susan painting club with An Endless Supply or take a punt on ‘Leaders of Men’ interactive poster games by Jonathan Kelham.

Refreshments include ‘Ice Cold Ingres’ ice lollies by Adrian Dannatt; free Borscht soup by Sam Ayres or pull up a pew for ‘Cake & Alternative Finance’ with Academic/Curator Cecilia Wee.

Sam Venables & Kevin Hunt will park their touring BMW containing a solo show of new work by Calum Crawford outside and the day will conclude with Dominic Mason’s ‘Mega Pinata’ lowered from the ceiling, filled with art works as prizes for the keenest destroyer!


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